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Videos about ShapeSheet™

First video with ShapeSheet™

Don’t laugh too much; this was 1993. Be sure to catch the Power chapter at about 10:45 into the video.

• Visio, a flyby for developers. Part 1

• Smart ShapeSheet Formulas

• Formatting & the ShapeSheet

• Connectors and Connection Points Tutorial - Advanced III - The Shape Sheet

• Controlling Shape Size with Shape Data

• Automatic Text Color

• Controlling Character Spacing

The 3 companion videos for book Using Microsoft Visio 2010! by Chris Roth !

• 11.1 Exploring Visio’s ShapeSheet

• 11.2 Creating a Smart Pointy Box Using Visio’s ShapeSheet

• 11.3 Adding Smart Resizing Behavior to Subshapes of a Visio Group

Save Time by Using Microsoft Visio ShapeSheets